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Stay: Bad Boys Dahlia Rose

Stay: Bad Boys

Dahlia Rose

Published May 20th 2014
Kindle Edition
65 pages
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 About the Book 

Sometimes running away sends a man towards something better...Lieutenant Hart Temple has one rule—keep things simple. He likes his military career, riding his motorcycle and, on occasion, a good bar fight. When his Harley breaks down, stranding him in the small town of Honeywell, Georgia, he soon realizes there’s more to life—Crystal Cantrell and her six-year old daughter.Crystal isn’t looking for a man. She doesn’t need one. The brown-eyed beauty is too busy running her business and being the best single mom she can be. Then two things happen, a biker gang intent on causing trouble comes to town and Hart Temple checks into her hotel.Despite her protests, Hart can’t ignore the trouble-makers. Crystal can’t ignore the way her body responds when he kisses her. For the first time in his life, Hart’s thinking about putting down roots. He has a choice to make. Then Crystal whispers the one word that could change both of their lives forever… Stay.